Enerbuilt Technologies Inc.

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Enerbuilt is joining the WesternOne family.

Flameless Heating Solutions

Enerbuilt Technologies is a premier supplier of flameless heating for industrial and commercial applications. Flameless heating is a revolutionary process that is safer, more cost-effective, and less environmentally harmful than traditional heating technologies.

Enerbuilt Technologies is also currently exploring other technologies that compliment their mandate to provide economical solutions that save fuel, water, and manpower, without sacrificing safety or efficiency.

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Field Services

As a full-service provider, Enerbuilt not only supplies portable flameless heating units, but also supplies manpower, logistics, maintenance, 24/7 support and on-call repair assistance. Enerbuilt Technologies' Field Services include:

  • Engineered temporary heating solutions with heat calculations.
  • Emergency thawing services.
  • Operation of heating equipment, including setup and movement.
  • Mobilization and demobilization of heating equipment for space heating, ground thaw, pipe thaw, etc.

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